Future of India Foundation

Future of India Foundation is a non-partisan foundation to develop actionable big picture ideas for the future of India keeping the needs, aspirations and context of its youth front and center. The Foundation works at the intersection of big-picture youth issues, politics and technology.

About Us

Future of India Foundation is a non-partisan foundation to develop actionable big picture ideas for the future of India keeping the needs, aspirations and context of its youth front and center.

India has the largest youth population in the world yet in many ways, the political process in our country is especially ill-equipped to respond to the challenge of giving our young people a positive sense of purpose and engagement in a rapidly changing world. Evolving a way forward requires a four-pronged approach: understanding how the world is changing (especially with the impact of technology); seeing the world from the perspective of our youth - their aspirations and concerns, their particular circumstances - and how they cope with the gap between what they want and reality; developing big-picture ideas and solutions which are capable of being scaled to make a large-scale impact; and identifying ways of strengthening representative democracy to become a reliable carrier of youth aspirations. This is the work that the Future of India Foundation is set up to do.

For this, the Foundation is bringing together the expertise of working at scale across sectors (education, politics, social sector, technology, communication) with a national network of youth experts drawn from universities and youth groups across the country for original big-picture thinking and communication on important youth issues and democracy in India. There is an expert advisory body for all projects undertaken by the Foundation. #FutureofIndia.


Founders and Directors

Ruchi Gupta

Ruchi Gupta is founder and director of the Future of India Foundation, a non-partisan foundation which works at the intersection of big-picture youth issues, politics and technology. She is former national in-charge of the world's largest progressive student union with more than 40 lakh registered members and a global diaspora base. Ruchi has 15 years of experience working in the Indian political and social sector space and has written extensively on policy and political issues in all the English language national newspapers and journals. Ruchi is co-editing the Youth Volume in Samruddha Bharat Foundation’s “Rethinking India” series being published by Penguin. Before coming back to India, she was a consultant with McKinsey & Co. in New York City. She is a Fellow at The Aspen Institute and a member of Aspen Global Leadership Network. Collected writings are available at rgupta.substack.com | Twitter: guptar | ruchi@futureofindia.in


Saurabh is founder of Josh, a non-profit organization which works with youth on issues of transparency and accountability. Saurabh is the convener of Delhi’s Right to Education Forum and a core member of the National Right to Education Forum. J has worked extensively on the implementation of RTE in government schools of Delhi’s resettlement colonies. Saurabh ran the “Youth and MDG” Secretariat in collaboration with Unicef in India through which consultations with youth were held all over the country, and has represented Indian youth in many international forums.


Team of professionals with experience working with youth in all relevant sectors – education, social sector, politics, media, advertising and communications, market research, and radio.




Education, Employment, Identity and Engagement.


Strengthening representative democracy, inner party democracy


Impact of tech on democracy and future of work


People’s Platform for Integrity of Public Discourse

The People’s Platform for Integrity of Public Discourse has been convened by networks and organisations which work on issues of ethics and information, media, internet and democracy. The Platform will convene a series of deliberations around the country on the issue of misinformation and integrity of the public discourse with different stakeholder groups (academics, media, social media platforms, politicians etc) to build a common understanding and evolve a way forward. The convening organisations include NCPRI (issues of transparency and accountability), Reporters Collective (independent journalism), Internet Freedom Foundation (online freedom) and Future of India Foundation. The Future of India Foundation is the secretariat for this platform. If you would like to be part of this platform, please send an email to ruchi@futureofindia.in .


Our Services

We provide advisory and programmatic services on issues related to Tech and Youth in India. The Foundation brings together multi-sectoral experience across politics, public policy, & technology with a special focus on India’s youth. We have a strong record of managing diverse stakeholders, strategic outreach and communication at the apex of political and policy decision-making. The Foundation has a national network of youth organizations across the country.


> Tech Policy & Regulation

Insights on how developments at the intersection of tech, policy and politics in India will impact the tech industry, democratic processes, public discourse, youth engagement and. Help understand the Indian regulatory landscape and strategise compliance mechanisms.

> Youth Policy

Research, analysis and communication support for policies related to education, employment, future of work, youth engagement, and participation in community and governance.


> Integrity, Trust & Safety Advisory for Tech Products and Services

Provide advice on product specific integrity and safety measures to keep your users safe from abuse, avoid online harms and protect trust in your brand

> Technology for India

Insights on Indian society, users and infrastructure to help tech businesses build and tailor their products and services to maximize impact and success in India

Programs and Projects

> Digital Literacy

Develop digital literacy curriculum based on target audience, conduct workshops, and rollout online and offline campaigns

> Election Integrity

Audit and compliance of technology usage with model code of conduct and other election laws during election campaigns

> Youth Engagement

Develop a framework to create structured opportunities for youth engagement in your organization; help connect young people to their own community; provide space in existing institutional processes to young people; and enable young people to develop life-skills to adapt to a dynamic world.

> Model Youth Constituency

Work with enterprising youth leaders to harness the power of elected representatives and build model youth constituencies to ensure that local youth have the best possible opportunities for productive engagement in the nation-building project. Develop a holistic constituency-wide approach along with extensive understanding of youth aspirations, district administration, government schemes and political incentives.